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Principal  Alice Josef
Address  B-Block, Karninagar, Near Lallgarh Palace,
 Bikaner - 334 001(Rajasthan) INDIA
Contact Nos.  0151-2530794
 Standard  Pre-Nursery onwards...
 Medium  English
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This information source presents an overview of the academic details relating to the various aspects of the school admission and curricular activities of B.P.S. Parents are requested to go through the prospectus thoroughly, to get well informed about all the aspects of the school. We reserve the right to amend or alter the structure and content as well as other policies.
The main objective of our school is to impart education amidst the right environment and state-of-the-art facilities, through proper channels. We understand that parents
want give the best of everything to their child. They want to see their child grow physically, emotionally, intellectually. The initial steps of learning are taken at home and the society, too, has a lasting impression on the child's mind. The school education takes this basic learning process further and prepares the child for his/her career objectives. So make sure that your child keeps a good company & practices good habits. We, as professionals, We welcome your suggestion to continually upgrade our facilities. Remember your child deserves the best and we are there to shape his/her future.
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The online directory of working Professor, Lecturers,Teachers, Tutors and other educationist of Bikaner District
The online directory of working Professor, Lecturers, Teachers, Tutors and other educationist of Bikaner.
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