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Principal  Shri Amar Singh
Address  NH-11(West), Sri Dungargarh,
 Dist. Bikaner(Rajasthan) Pin - 331803
Contact Nos.  01565-223025, 224330 Fax - 224331
Standard  Secondary
No. Of Staff  24
No. of Students (Approx.)  N.A.
The Managing Committee
1. Shri Jagdish Prasad Mundhra Chariman
2. Shri Swadesh Dhameeja Vice-Chairman
3. Shri Amar Singh Secretary
4. Shri Sanjay Maheshwari Joint Scretary
5. Shri Bajrang Lal Mantri Treasurer
6. Shri Pawan Mundhra Member
7. Shri Roop Chand Soni Member
8. Shri K.K.Daga Member
9. Dr. Gourav Gomber Member
10. Shri Balak Ram Sharma Member
11. Shri S.K.Pandiya Member
12. Shri Rajendra Vyas Member
13. Shri D.P.Goel Member
14. Smt. Krishna Gahlot Member
15. Smt. Anjana Vyas Member
The Staff
1. Mr. Amar Singh M.A., B.Ed., Principal
2. Mr. S.K.Pandiya Manager
3. Mr. Roycham Antony B.Sc., PGDCA
4. Mrs. Madhu Bala Nursery Teacher
5. Mr. Ram Niwas Beniwal B.A., B.P.Ed,
6. Miss Anupam Bhaduria MSc., B.Ed.
7. Mrs Anamika Das Nursery Teacher
8. Mrs. Krishna Gahlot M.A.B.Ed.
9. Miss Sarita Gupta MSc., B.Ed.
10. Mrs. Mamta Jariwal B.A., B.Lib., PGDCA
11. Mrs. Priti Kaushik B.Sc., B.Ed.
12. Mrs. Padma Kaushik M.A., B.Ed.
13. Mr. Samoo Khan Musician
14. Mr. Sanjay Kumar B.A.(Eng.), B.Ed
15. Mrs. Neelam Matta Nursery Teacher
16. Miss Mamta Pandey B.Sc., B.Ed.
17. Mr. Pankaj Pareek M.A.
18. Mrs. Babita Pradhan M.A., B.Ed.
19. Mr. Chirag Roshan Dip. In Music
20. Mrs. Samita Roy B.A.B.Ed.
21. Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma B.Sc.B.Ed.
22. Mrs. Rekha Shrimali M.A., B.Ed.
23. Mrs. Anjna Vyas B.A., B.Ed.
24. Mr. Shallendra Gahlot Hotel Warden
Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,

Although living in USA, my heart and mind spend more time in the country of origin, i.e. India. Often times, I swim in the glorious past this country had had. This land was the birth place to some of the great religions, philosophers, social reformers, scientists etc. Its natural beauty, vast resources and immense wealth were the envy of many a nations. Great works of art, music, literature, medicine, etc. are testimonials to a once peaceful and harmonious society we had.

But we cannot live on the laurels of the past. The present day sociopolitical scenario paints an entirely different picture of the state of affairs in India. Politics has been commercialized and part of the country is a thing of the past. Terrorism is produced right on our own soil. Rather than making laws and adminisering, political parties take pride in stalling the proceedings of and walk-outs from the legislative bodies. Ever larger scams are unearthed day-by-day. Poor are becoming poorer. The moral fabric of our society has become disfigured. All these, to my mind, are a result of lack of proper education and the ignorance resulting there from.

Once a teacher of our school asked me the secrets of my success. I sidelined the question by just saying "Am i successful?" at that time. But later reflecting on it i figured that right kind of education, originality of thought, honesty, perseverance, creative approach to problems, confidence in our own actions, concern for fellow human beings, etc. are some of the ingredients for a successful life. These are some of the virtues we at SESOMO would try to instill into the young minds.

Sesomu is my humble endeavour to provide the children value based education to tackle real-life problems and adverse situations, create opportunities for themselves and the society at large, become responsible and aware citizens of tomorrow to correct the ills plaguing our system and restore the pride and glory of our country.



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The online directory of working Professor, Lecturers, Teachers, Tutors and other educationist of Bikaner.
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