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"If I can't shoot with Atul, I'd rather shoot myself," said Shah Ruk Khan about ace photographer Atul Kasbekar. He quit chemical engineer to pursue fashion photography. You can't meet super models in a chemical factory, can you?

If you want to shoot everything from perfect pouts or perfect products, all you need is a discerning eye and a technical bent of mind. Join the likes of Ashok Salian, Rakesh Shresta and Gautam Rajadaksha in the hall of fame. Ready to shoot?

Career Overview

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. A photographer reveals what the naked eye may have missed. Photographers capture history for posterity. As a photographer you'll take pictures of people, places, objects, and events and try to artistically capture and evoke a mood, feeling, or drama.
In a way, it is an artistic job as you'll use your camera much the way an artist uses his brush, as a tool to capture your unique perspective of the world around you.

This job calls for a great deal of practise in order to master the technical knowledge of light, camera settings, lenses, film, and filters and apply this knowledge creatively. Photographers use a wide variety of lenses and filters designed for close-up, mid-range or long distance photography.

You have the option of developing and printing your pictures (most photographers prefer to do that), but you can even hand your film over to the company you work for or to a commercial lab for processing.

The work hours are long and irregular. Sometimes you even have to make yourself available on short notice. It's a high-pressure job with tight deadlines. But if you are self-employed photographers your work hours will be more flexible.

There are various categories of photographers:Shayari, Fun, Love, Freedom and lots of more SMS categories

Press photographer: You'll work for newspapers and shoot pictures of the day's events, that will accompany the article on the newspaper the next day. The photographs you shoot are also stored in archive. You could be working for magazines, newspapers and sometimes book publishers (for covers). It's a dare devil job where you often have to risk your life in attempting to take pictures of newsworthy events, people and places.

Photojournalist: This is slightly different from press photography as your photographs itself have to tell the whole story. This means they have to be more precise.

Technical/Industrial Photographer: You'll use specialised photographic instruments to photograph industrial equipments to be used in company brochures and other publication.

Scientific photographers: You'll specialise in areas like astronomic photography, astrophysics photography, photography of chemical and biological materials, specimen, etc. You will photograph laboratory experiments, etc.

Commercial Photographers: It involves taking pictures of merchandise, buildings, machinery, fashions, livestock, and groups of people to be used in advertisements, marketing reports, brochures, catalogs, and postcards. You will also be photographing events, marketing promotion operations, etc.

Fashion Photographer: You'll take attractive images of fashion products like designer clothes, accessories, etc.

Personal Photographer: This is the best part. Here you'll hobnob with the best faces in the fashion industry like models and film stars. You'll specialise in capturing images of people. You will also work in Fashion photography.

Nature And Wildlife Photographer: If you are green at heart, this is it. Here you'll capture animals in their natural habitat. Sub marine or under water photography is another branch of this stream.

Film Photographers: You will shoot feature films, advertising films, documentaries, etc.

Video Photographers: You will shoot moving films with a video camera. Your subjects can be anything from a marriage ceremony to a 16 mm film.

Forensic Photographers: Here you'll travel with the police to crime scenes to photograph evidence. Adventourous, isn't it?

Some photographers specialize in special events such as wedding, awards ceremonies, etc.


For pursuing photography as a career you need:

  • A keen visual sense
  • A good understanding of shapes, colours, patterns, and hues
  • A perfect eye for observing everything around - life and nature.
  • An interest and ability to express life and nature in a visual art form
  • An excellent spatial perception - the ability to capture and understand objects from different dimensions and locations.
  • A love for details - you will know what is missing in a given scene.

A successful career in photography doesn't call for a degree or diploma in the subject. All you need is a strong sense of aesthetics and creativity. And loads of focus. You should go the extra nine yards to make your work a satisfying experience for your clients.

But you will do better with a basic course in photography. Certain skills have to be learnt, and you will have to know the instruments and equipment. A formal training course will give you confidence and make you aware of the latest technologies. For film and video, you must have a formal training.

Job Opportunities

There are ample opportunities for a budding photographer.
You could work for an advertising agency, newspaper houses, magazine or a photo studio.
You can work for television channels, television software (what you call television serials) producers, film producers, web site.
There is immense scope for freelancing. There are agencies where your photographs can be syndicated and you can earn royalty in the process.

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