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FoxPro Tutorial & Source Code
* Author      : Team of Pelagian Softwares
* Date        : 29/03/2007
* Source      : rntable.prg
* Description : Program to rename a field in structure / table through coding

set talk off
set safe off

do renField with "STUDENT",      "FAT_NAME", "F_NAME"

proc renField 
   para data2ch, oldfld, newfld
   use &data2ch
   if !type( oldfld ) = 'U'
   clos data
   if field_ex
    ?"Renaming Field",oldfld,"to",newfld,"in",data2ch
    USE &data2ch
    copy to Data.TXT for !dele() SDF
    use sext
    repl FIELD_NAME with newfld

    clos data
    copy to &data2ch
    clos data
    ?oldfld,"Field not found in",data2ch
   clos data

REturn .t.

Also download: database/student.dbf 
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