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School Name St. Xavier's school
School MD  Shri Jitendra Dhamu
Address  st.Xavier's school, shivbari road,Bikaner
Contact Nos.  
Standard  Secondary
No. Of Staff N.A.
No. of Students (Approx.)  N.A.


Welcome From Managing Director 


 Yours is a big decision for admitting your word to st. Xavier's school Bikaner.  This school is one of the coveted schools the mariunagri of Bikaner.  We welcome students from all strata of society and offer courses based on syllabi framed by N.C.E.R.T. in English medium.  All the courses maintain a balance of theory and practical skills which, according to recent surveys, provide our students with child-centered learning situations.

       In Today's your child's future cannot be left to chance. It must be shaped by need to plan his/her career for success.  There are no lack of schools and opportunities today, but only few recognize your child's potential and steer career accordingly.  At St. Xavier's we prepare every child by paying individual attention for higher possible academic standard.

 Out Staff are drown on the basis of their professional experience as well as qualifications. They engage their students in activities to tally for change in their behavior aiming at making everyone the owner of an amiable, learned personality,  good citizen and human being in true sense. Please note that for us a child is not hapless, dependent, weak and studied but simple. intelligent, freedom-lover and adorable.

       St. Xavier's has the facilities and support services expected of a good English medium school. The lush green lawns give the pleasant surprise of an oasis. The play house for the tiny-tots is a fun world for them. Parents are beginning to worry alarmingly that their children are incomputerate, an even worse disadvantage than illiteracy.  Therefore, we have computer and paraphernalia of latest techniques and technology. Transport to and from school is available at every nook and corner of the city.

      I am sure you will find the information in this web page both interesting and useful.  Please don't hesitate and ask for any details for your word's specific interest. I hope to see your word at St. Xavier's in Bikaner.


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The online directory of working Professor, Lecturers, Teachers, Tutors and other educationist of Bikaner.
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