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Wallpaper ::National :: Movie:: Imaran Hashmi and Sonal ChauhanAdd Comment

Imran Hasmi and co-star Sonal Chouhan in movie Jannat

Imaran Hashmi and Sonal Chauhan

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Comments to this Wallpaper

very nice style and his life style.

, raju (5/8/2008 5:25:37 PM)

made for each other, Omi (5/10/2008 10:33:46 AM)

imran and sonalin this wallpaper are looking like made for each other.they both r beautifull and like the pairs made in heaven.if in the future imran and sonal married together,then im the happiest man in the world because they both r my favourite acter-actress so i love both of them., sameer choudhary (6/20/2008 10:11:54 AM)

Imran is a good acter, Rajesh (6/29/2008 5:59:21 PM)

, brij (7/14/2008 8:37:31 PM)

nice wallpaper
, brij (7/14/2008 8:43:15 PM)

nice wallpaper
, 5221 (7/14/2008 8:47:08 PM)

Perhaps, the most glamorous couple in the industry this year., Anupam (7/25/2008 6:14:07 AM)

MY FAVARITEIMRAN, AMIT (8/12/2008 1:24:41 PM)

I like imran n ma fav song iz zara sa, Ushmi (8/15/2008 10:41:00 PM)

meet fr each other & good looking person, vicky (8/17/2008 9:04:34 AM)

Hay dear, Hitesh (8/22/2008 9:56:47 PM)

i love imran. if he would propose me i m very lucky girl. i love imran toooooo000, kalpana (8/28/2008 2:40:52 PM)

i love imran so much none to say., kalpana (8/28/2008 2:47:18 PM)

you are ROCK, max (9/1/2008 8:20:01 AM)

IMRAAN HASHMI, ROSHNI (9/18/2008 4:41:50 PM)

u look very beautiful, manish (9/19/2008 11:20:09 AM)

very nice picture sonal u r very beautiful nd fortunately my name is also sonal;, sonal (9/19/2008 6:42:54 PM)

sonal is really pretty nd fortunately my name is also Sonal , Sonal (9/19/2008 6:52:18 PM)

its me imran,
i love imran's scripting and movie
also called as good songs , imran (12/29/2008 3:46:19 PM)

you are very sweet. i love you., SOBIA (10/13/2009 8:01:12 PM)

i love u imran hasmi i love u so much u r my life
, meenaiqbal (2/10/2010 9:18:21 PM)

such yaar jannat he, bhawesh (5/1/2010 11:57:47 PM)

Hai imran am not only your fan am your ful a.c . you are my life. , sunny kanojiya (8/4/2010 8:04:27 PM)

i like you, such (8/20/2010 6:12:35 AM)

I like u imraan, chahat (12/5/2010 8:24:39 AM)

I like u imraan, chahat (12/5/2010 8:24:45 AM)

hay imraan 3 saal bad mere sath jannat bnaoge chalange for u k chahat ankit ki k i love ankit , chahat (12/5/2010 9:34:08 AM)

i love imran !
, muhammad rashid (1/17/2011 4:58:21 AM)

my lovely imran i like u so much

, rakesh singh (6/2/2011 3:21:52 AM)

I like Imran Hashmi and my Favourite film Awarapan Jannat murder2, Arsh ali (7/9/2011 1:54:10 AM)

i like emran and sonal, lalit (7/28/2011 12:07:26 PM)

imran is famous in whole girl for hot kiss.
, wasim (4/12/2012 11:58:02 AM)

i like imran, anok sathe (5/5/2012 3:44:31 AM)

Looking great...... but the day when i will be in bollywood that day she will be mine.............., mahidixit (6/26/2012 5:57:43 AM)

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