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Nine tips for nine nights

The Navratri festival is dedicated to the Mother Goddess .All over the world Hindus celebrate Navratras with great devotion.  Navratras literally means “nine nights".  These nights are devoted to the worship of Goddess Durga. Navratras are celebrated twice in a year.  She represents Shakti, the cosmic energy that animates all beings; they are responsible for the creation of the world according to the Puranas and Vedas (ancient Hindu Scriptures).

Try these on your nine nights

  1. Just enhance your prosperity in the holly days by doing special worship in all nine days with red flowers, because everyone is blessed with her loving mercy and  protected by her
  2. It is said “Be pure Get pure” remove all sins from your heart and ensures trouble free life.
  3. Adorn your houses with dolls (Bommai Kolu), draw traditional designs or rangolis (patterns made on the floor by using various coloured powders and flowers), and light lamps.
  4. Believers may keep the fast (vrat) throughout the nine days, Fasting is considered to be one of the most popular means of self-discipline and spiritual development. “Fasting with fruits, milks and vegetables tends to clean up the digestive system as antioxidants from these foods help in detoxification, The most important thing is “U MUST NOT EAT NON VEGITARIN FOOD IN THE NINE NIGHTS”
  5. Yatra during Navratras though the Yatra to the Shrine of Mata Vaishno Deviji is a round-the-year event, the one undertaken during the Navratras is considered the most auspicious.You shouls visit your nearest devi temple because it is sad in navrata devi exits in her each nand every statuche.
  6. Keep your all books gather, or your artistic instrument under the night lamp in nine nights so that goddess sarswati can bless you by touching it.
  7. Rock your nine days with dandiya dance, play it with colorful drasses and traditional ornaments with the traditional and delicate rhythms. But it is being replaced by alternate forms that are quite far-removed from the original versions. So please don’t change the soul of dandiya.keep it original.
  8. On Ashtami, the eighth day  worship young girls who are supposed to be representatives of the Goddess herself by offering them the traditional puris (form of deep-fried Indian bread), halwa (a dessert primarily made of flour and sugar), at the end offering the red duptta ( matta ki chunri)on there head.
  9. Never miss DASHARA the triumph of truth over evil Marking the defeat of Ravana by Lord Ram, Dasara tells the triumph of Goddess Durga over the buffalo demon Mahish Asura

May Goddess Durga (Maharagyna) bless you and your family with abundant happiness!

Adv. Mamta Kalla


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