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Eros International Announces Worldwide Release Of 'Nanhe Jaisalmer'

Logo Eros InternationalEros International, the leading global player in the Indian entertainment sector, announces the worlwide release of 'Nanhe Jaisalmer', directed by Samir Karnik on 14th September'07.

Starring Bobby Deol and young talent Dwij Yadav, 'Nanhe Jaisalmer' is a story of two friends from two different worlds. The protagonists of this film are a ten year old - Nanhe Jaisalmer and his idol, Bollywood superstar Bobby Deol. Set in the desert city of Jaisalmer, the story encompasses a short period in Nanhe's life where he learns his life's most important lessons from the person who he deems most important - his friend, Bobby Deol.

Eros will be releasing the film in cinemas globally on 14th September 2007.

Photo Nanhe JaisalmerNanhe Jaisalmer is story of two friends from two different worlds is an emotional, yet entertaining film which is intended at a multi-level audience.

Nanhe lives in Jaisalmer with his mother, Suman (sister) and Raja (the camel) and earns his livelihood as a tourist guide who arranges camel safaris. He is an enterprising boy who speaks four foreign languages without being literate.

Nanhe entertains all the tourists and his friends but his sole entertainment is his friendship with the actor, Bobby Deol. As a baby, Nanhe had appeared briefly in a shot with Bobby Deol for a film and since then Nanhe and he are friends. As he grows up, Bobby Deol continues to be his idol and influences his thoughts and actions. Nanhe keeps Bobby Deol updated on his life's happenings through letters that he gets his sister to write at the end of each day. He avidly watches all his films that are shown locally. Nanhe follows all the news concerning the actor through his friends who read him snippets from the newspapers. Till one day when he finally hears that Bobby Deol is coming to Jaisalmer for a film shoot.

The film examines a wide range of emotions displayed by Bobby Deol and lessons learnt by Nanhe Jaisalmer from his perspective as a child. It also underlines the fact that any lesson that is taught by the person one idolizes stays fresh all our lives.


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