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Company e-registration simplified in Singapore

Singapore Incorporation Online Launches Company E-registration Service

Singapore, Singapore Incorporation Online has recently simplified its e-registry in a continued effort to make the Singapore business setup process quick and easy for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Singapore Incorporation Online has this week launched a new and simplified e-registry for Singaporean company registration, making the incorporation process from start to finish easier than before. Entrepreneurs, both foreigners and Singaporeans alike, will benefit from this new company registration service.

Response from early adopters of this service has thus far been very supportive. One of its newest clients, Ms. Goh, shared, "In the past, I was too intimidated to set up my business, but with this new business registration service, it was such a breeze." Veteran entrepreneur Jeffery Coe stated his appreciation for the process, "It took me just 20 minutes to complete my company's registration, and a day later my latest venture was born." Others view the service as a step forward for businesses in a country known for being the easiest place in the world.

While registering a company can be a daunting process for anyone in the world, especially for non-residents of a country, Singapore Incorporation Online offers several pre-packaged "1-click" solutions. These bundles include everything that a foreigner would need in order to register a business in Singapore.

"We have set up incorporation packages that suit most companies’ needs. As a foreigner myself, with several businesses in Singapore, it was always a confusing process to figure out exactly what needed to be done during a start-up process. This is exactly why we put in the effort to make the entire company registration process as simple as possible," says Business Development Specialist, Gregory Gumo.

On the website, users can find several incorporation bundles specifically geared for clients looking to set up a company and migrate to Singapore. Other bundles offer options for foreign companies that want to enjoy the perks of setting up an Asia Pacific branch or relocate operations to Singapore(BWI).


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