Friday, 13 December 2019
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Wool Business Decreases by Mandi Tax

Wool is decreasing wool crisis

Bikaner - Decreasing the numbers of sheep in state is a crisis for wool merchant. wool is required for carpets of Rajasthan. No one can feed back it. Mandi tax has pushed back this business in new troubles also. It is just like itching in leprosy. so many people who are having sheep’s like cattle can come in this grip there is necessity of 2500 lakh kg wool per day the state.  while 1.50 lakh kg. wool is making in the state. The interest towards sheep is lessening, one who is having cattle. wool is being brought from near states. Due to woolen tax, merchants do not want to send the wool here. on the basis of this crisis there is also shortage of yarn, which is used for carpets. The yarn goes to different places –Argan, jaipur and other. Having made carpet it reaches to abroad. The president of state woolen industries association Mr. kamal kalla told, due to Mandi tax on wool creates loss. The imported wool graph in Rajasthan is decreasing without imported wool it is impossible to make yarn for carpets. Having started of Mandi Tax it have become expensive. Purchasers are compelled to purchase synthetic yarn. Mr. kalla told that being internationally famous this business Govt. must keep this business secure. The merchant of Ajmer, kakri, sikar have tried to remove this tax by having sent the letters to Mr. Ashok Gahlot.  

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