Monday, 16 December 2019
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RED Express, Participated in events

New Delhi, Red Express, as accompany invests a lot in the research & development and has a modern approach towards business. We believe in philosophy that we are in the changing world so change the way you think. Red Express team attends regular events, conferences & exhibitions, which helps in understanding on going trends of the market and customers demands. Red Express is on the look out to broaden out the skills and knowledge of its people. We make sure that our people are present at all these events & conferences to understand customer’s needs, which further helps in delighting them with the customized services. Red Express has futuristic approach towards every thing. we want people to change their thinking towards the domestic parcel industry. Red Express wants to empower its people by giving them an opportunity to participate in these events so that they can come up with creative &interesting ideas to serve the customers better.


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