Thursday, 02 July 2020
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Tradonomix introduces learning solution for Traders

Announcing the Launch of Tradonomix A Unique Learning Solution for Traders

Bangalore, Today Tradonomix Websolutions Pvt. Ltd. announced the launch of its services in India. With a firm belief that Trading is not a game of chances but a science that anyone can learn, apply and gain from, Tradonomix has created a platform for individuals interested to learn Trading with an end-to-end approach for learners at any level – Basic to Advanced.

One of the core offerings of Tradonomix is its Trading Academy. Tradonomix Academy imparts sequential and incremental training, in Equities and Commodities Trading, through carefully developed course structure, online classroom sessions and mentoring.

The other service that has gained a lot of popularity during its Beta run is the Tradonomix Trading Room Services. The Trading Room is an online interaction platform with the Experts and other members to gain insight, share and solve issues and jointly follow a particular trade in real time. Trading room uses virtual currency to gain a unique real-time hand-holding experience just as a science student would experience in an advanced laboratory. There are currently two trading rooms available – Equities Trading Room and Commodities Trading Room.

To complete the experience of a Trader or a learner, Tradonomix also offers regular webinars where experts would present on multiple topics or share about the latest in the markets worldwide.

“After years of extensive practice around trading and researching the Indian and Global markets, I feel proud to present Tradonomix, an online learning platform backed by time tested methodology. Trading is often considered as a place for people with money, luck and innate skills; Tradonomix is all set to break out and take the awareness of Trading to a whole new level and bring it into the mainstream, as a steady profession for common people” , Dr. Sree Kumar Ravindran – Founder & Director.

Dr Sree Kumar added The platform imparts training around a unique set of methodologies that are backed by the fundamentals of Tradonomix: manage the risks inherent in modern markets, leverage state-of-the-art technology and proprietary models, and gain a mathematical advantage to generate consistent profits.

He also added that with the belief that anyone can trade, Tradonomix aims to facilitate learning, knowledge sharing and interactions that will fuel the growth of the trading community, thus enabling individuals to become consistently profitable traders in the ever dynamic world of Trading(BWI).

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