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Vidooly new tool for youtube content marketer

New Tool for Multi-Channel Network\'s enables YouTubers to Organically Grow Views

New Delhi, India's YouTube Analytics and Marketing company Vidooly announced the launch of their latest CMS platform designed specifically for Multi Channel Networks on YouTube. The platform is designed to cater to the operational and management needs of MCNs of all sizes and in turn help YouTubers to be able to earn more revenue and market their brands in a better manner.

India has a considerable growth in digital consumption rising every year with a significant rise of 30 per cent (better than other media outlets like print, TV, Out of Home and radio), the rise of MCNs is also growing steadily. MCN's are also helping Youtubers turn their hobbies into full time professions.

"The idea that ordinary people can make a living or even become rich and famous by recording themselves doing things might sound ludicrous to some; but YouTube has made it possible! It has created millionaires out of regular folks by giving them a platform that has the reach that traditional media can't even fathom. The number of YouTube millionaires is growing every year and so are the challenges they face. Getting hundreds of thousands of views is not a piece of cake. It depends on strategical marketing as much as it does on the quality of content. For a regular aspiring YouTube star, this can be quite intimidating. That’s where MCNs or Multi Channel Networks come into picture. When a Content Creator signs up for an MCN, he/she usually gets assistance in terms of technology that can help them scale up on YouTube." said Nishant Radia, the CMO of Vidooly about the idea behind the tool.

Vidooly's dashboard helps MCN's seamlessly manage their business needs with features like content creator onboarding, in-depth performance analysis of partner channels and automated account management. The MCN admins can fine-tune their partner channels' performance using actionable analytics data and also identify and reach out to new partners from within the dashboard. Another major feature of the tool is the Financial Module which allows the admins manage partner payouts and generate exhaustive earning reports with ease. Vidooly already caters to more than 3000 YouTube channels and with the launch of the MCN dashboard, it is all set to take the Multi Channel Network by storm.


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