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Canada based Meera makes musical debut with `My Ranjha'

New Delhi, Oct.31 Meera, the Canada-based businesswoman of Indian origin, recently launched her debut Punjabi music album `My Ranjha'.

For Meera, her debut album is a celebration of her feelings and value for the vibrant Punjab. The singer, on the release function in New Delhi recently said that she shared a special bond with Punjab and was on a promotional tour to India recently.

Meera's `My Ranjha' is a fusion of earthy Punjabi lyrics with new age music. Born and brought up in Jalandhar, Meera started singing at a very young age. She said that her first teacher happened to be her mother, who was also a trained singer.

"I have launched the music of `My Ranjha'. It's basically a good fusion of Indian melodies and western melodies. It's a good combination of Western and eastern music. Most of the lyrics are in Punjabi but it carries a pop style and western beats into it. So, it's a very good combination," said Meera.

"People like me, who are basically `Desi', but living abroad, will of course enjoy it. It has lot of dance numbers in it, happy, fun-loving and young music. It's a story of a girl who is in love. She is happy and tells everybody about different faces and different moods. That's what she is talking about different emotions (in the album)," she added.

With nine tracks in the album, eight in Punjabi and one in Hindi, the unique selling point of 'My Ranjha' album is its versatility. It has Punjabi Dhol, western beats, hip-hop and a melodious soothing touch to it.

Every song in the album is stated to have its own uniqueness and originality. Meera is looking forward to making a place for herself in the industry. "Working hard; putting the money in it and making an album, is not easy these days. But I am doing the best I can and slowly progressing towards it. Will get better and better. Let's see what happen, it's all about destiny. No body can take that away, that's going to be for you forever," she added.

Meera said that no matter where she was presently residing but her heart belonged to Punjab. Despite so many changes occurring in the State, the feelings for the native place have remained same for Meera despite staying away from the motherland.

"We actually try to maintain and hold on to whatever Punjab was like when we left Punjab. So it doesn't matter, how many years you spent away from your original place. We are still very patriotic Indian," she said.

Meera recounted that before settling down in Canada, she used to host a TV show and was also crowned 'Miss Jalandhar'.

Besides running a jewellery business, Meera also hosts a TV show on latest trends in fashion and jewellery. With the launch of `My Ranjha', Meera has made a foray in the world of Music. By Shiv Yadav (ANI)


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