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Womens Day Special Rummy

Womens Day Special Rummy Tourney from Ace2Three Women rummy players hear this out, 330 women will walk proud with cash winnings on 8th March 2014!


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh , India
The sensational Women’s Day Special Rummy Tournament, worth One Lakh, at www.ace2three.com on the occasion of Women’s Day beckons you if you are a lady and a loyal rummy fan!
This truly remarkable tournament is offering cash winnings worth One Lakh! And the top 330 women rummy players will also have prizes!!
The One Lakh Woman’s Day Special Rummy Tourney is sure to be a sensation on 8th March 2014!
Here are the details:
Date of Tourney: 8th March 2014 (Saturday)
Time of Tourney: 3 PM
Winning Amount: Rs.1 Lakh
Entry: FREE
The tourney has a fixed prize pool, irrespective of participation or re-buy from women players, which means, the top 330 female players really go back home with a “Guaranteed Prize”!
It is indeed extraordinary that while most rummy tournaments are open for all, it is for the first time in online card game history that a rummy tournament is being hosted especially for women rummy players. www.ace2three.com is providing this platform in recognition of the female player segment for this card game. Now that’s certainly a first and certainly worth an applause.
“Really! Unbelievable! I am amazed that this special tournament is being organized for Women’s Day, that too in what is perceived as a male game. And it’s not just one winner but 330 women who will be getting to the bounty. Ace2Three is definitely changing the perception of online rummy gaming”, Raina, an online rummy fan states enthusiastically.    
That way, Ace2Three has been marking a singular trend in online rummy with some groundbreaking tournaments and stunning cash prizes. If the New Year’s Grand Rummy Tournament made a striking start to the Year 2014, the Women’s Day Special Rummy Tournament is very much in keeping with the Ace2Three’s flair for making tournament history.
So, listen up ladies, prep up your pinkies and grab the mouse at 3 PM on 8th March. Come make rummy history at www.ace2three.com!BWI

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