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Integrated Rajasthan & Its pride

Rajasthan is not only the mine of diamonds & gems but it is also full of preserved power and fuel.

Rajasthan is not only the mine of diamonds & gems but it is also full of preserved power and fuel. The king and money lenders of this land were far sighted personalities. The main aims of their lives are to build new. The new ness and constructive thought of them is emblem of their integrity.Dr. Yadunath sarkar wrote down in his book ‘Studies in Mughal India’ that when Mughal came to India art and its feat developed, it is unusual. This thought is against history. The art had taken place from Stone Age. The direct example is Mori Khareshwar, Indragarh and hilly side of sita khardi, cave pictures which got archeologists. That shows, in pre historic age tribes used to express their emotions. The chief subjects of their pictures or engraved diagrams were concerned from hunt, war, men group’s shapes etc. Architecture keeps its different place among historical men. Where the historical witness are not available, there architecture makes witness and help to recall the unknown age. The adequate study can not be completed by the remnants because the soul of nation reflects in it. By this source the nexus of art and life enlightens.As far as it is a question of india’s situation , we experience that religious thought , evidence and progress are implied in architecture. The art has fulfilled national experiences. The architecture can be seen here in villages, forts, ponds and shrines  etc.We can not forget the pioneer of history and culture Ranakumbha. He was not only a warrior but an artist also . he preserved art and culture . He was also a learned of different subjects- architecture, music, plays etc.He wrote books on different subjects 1. Eklinga Mahatmya-the book got from Eklinga temple. The first part of this “ Rajvarana’’ Kumbha himself wrote.2.Rasikpriya- This was version of GeetGovind Kumbha wrote . the designation of Kumbha was described in this book. 3. Kumbhalgarh prashasti-On this stone the reign of Kumbha and his colonial policy wasd engraved.He was a pioneer in affair of temples , fort , Sir Colonal Tod says in his Annals And ANtiquity Of Rajasthan, “kumbha got victory over the enemies of his own cast”.He made his name everlasting by his works. Cultural Achievements 1. Preservation of art and culture 2. preservation of Literators and literature.Eastern historian says about KUmbha , “Kirti Stambh is just like Rome’s Tarjon but its art is more foremost in comparison of Tarjon”.Kumbha made 32 forts in his reign. Veervinod by Shyamaldas tells about this.Achalgarh, KumbhalgarhAre most famous of them. He made Kumbhalgarh in commemoration of his wife.Farguson says , ‘Whatever he made were compared to civilians and religion’.  By Satisha Chandr vyas 


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