Tuesday, 24 October 2017

OMAS Redefines the Art of Writing

Mumbai, Maharashtra, (Business Wire India) -- INDIA, a land for indigenous art, culture & style is always on the lookout of products that reflect singular ingenuity. Complimenting this basic fact is the arrival of OMAS- the renowned name in classic and exquisite pens in the Indian market. OMAS writing instruments not only reflect a terrestrial elegance but holding the pens and writing with them gives a celestial feeling. OMAS pens are a symbol of flair & style.

OMAS is a part of the LVMH group of companies, an all star line up of European brands, that also includes Louis Vuitton & Tag-Heur. OMAS pens have made inroads in pen technology. The pens are specially handcrafted, with artistic designs and a product of a unique manufacturing process of high precision. Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni or OMAS as it came to be known, was founded by Armando Simoni in 1925 in Balogna, a town located between Florence and Venice in northern Italy and famous for the skill of its tradesmen. In the 1930s Armando Simoni designed the 12-sided pen, the Arte Italiana, and also a doctor's pen with a thermometer inside the pen. In fact, it is the genius of Armando Simoni to embrace technical challenges and continually invent pen models of great originality, which is the base and foundation for OMAS.

No doubt OMAS writing instruments reflect style, grace and finesse which today's Indian upcoming business fraternity looks for. The barrel of the pen is made of cotton resin. Each pen is the result of a myriad of delicate operations, involving over 100 stages from the initial cutting, of the 18K gold leaf, the rolling, the splitting to final stage of embossing. And it takes 100 days or more to make an OMAS pen. OMAS writing instruments are covered by life time guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The OMAS collections of writing instrument have redefined the Art of Writing. The "ARTE ITALIANA COLLECTION" comprises of 12-sided Doric Column design pens. The perfect geometry of the pens, as cleanly cut as a diamond, provides a precise grip - enhancing the facility for writing. Made from celluloid, the Arte Italiana is a combination of craftsmanship and elegance. It is available in 18K gold and rhodium finishes. The Arte Italiana collection comprises of ballpoints, fountain pens with gold / rhodium finish and 18K gold nib which making it a gem to write with.

And yet another emblem of OMAS design and style is the "360 COLLECTION". In features an elegant triangular section designed by the Architect Stefano Bini. It is an example of modern technology, based on aerodynamic principles, combining a perfect grip and writing angle. The Mezzo pen in this collection (the "360 Mezzo") is an interchangeable ballpoiont and rollerball - designed to take a ballpoint or a rollerball refill. The 360 Mezzo is available in attractive colours of Iceberg, Ruby Red, Black and Cardinal Purple.

And then there is the newly introduced "EMOTICA", a designer pen from OMAS-LVMH. It has a dynamic clip, which can be opened to serve as a pen stand. The pen can stand on the clip, both vertically or lie horizontally. The titanium nib and soft and elegant touch gives an elastic impact on writing. The Emotica is available as a fountain pen, ballpen, rollerball or as a pencil and represents as the OMAS-LVMH personality in its avant-garde connotation. The Emotica fountain won the prestigious 'Trophee Du Stylographee 2007" award for Design & Artistic Creation.

Each collection of OMAS-LVMH is a masterpiece of excellence of design and style. Rightly so the price ranges upwards of Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000, reasonable for any business and professional fraternity.

The skilled hand crafting, precision in manufacturing, and the innovative designs and styles make OMAS writing instrument a jewel to write with and possessed the OMAS pen in India is a symbol of exclusivity. Why should writing be any different? Hence OMAS pens come as a perfect match to go with every kind of Indian fashion, business, art and commercial trend. The creations of OMAS are a gem to write and possessing an OMAS for Indians as an emblem of class and style for those who pen in their words in an inimitable style.

In India OMAS is distributed and marketed by LIVTEK INDIA PVT LTD, the sole licensees of select international luxury and lifestyle brands. To know more about OMAS pens, visit www.omas.com or www.livtekindia.com