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Politics heats up with Devi Singh Bhati's activity

Bhati met Ashok Gehlot, put demand to control grasshopper and Reservation Issue

Politics heats up with Devi Singh Bhati's activity

Bikaner . Former Irrigation Minister Devi Singh Bhati has become active once again. Suddenly active Bhati has given a big political light. After meeting the Chief Minister on Saturday, both the ruling and the opposition have raised their ears.

Bhati, who has been missing from the headlines for the last few months, met the Chief Minister of the state, Ashok Gehlot in the first phase and urged him to remove the obstacles faced by the 10% reservation of economically backward castes at the earliest.

During this meeting, Bhati discussed various problems of Bikaner district with the Chief Minister. Bhatti, the leader, expressed the need to activate the machinery for grasshopper control.Bhati said that due to the locust, farmers of Bikaner district especially Kolayat and Khajuwala suffered heavy losses. Bhati strongly demanded the Chief Minister Gehlot to provide proper compensation to the farmers.

It is worth mentioning here that Devi Singh Bhati is a grounded leader. Bhati, who has won consecutive elections since the beginning of his political career, is the only charismatic leader in Rajasthan who has considerable influence among Brahmins, Muslims, Rajputs, backward classes, reservation and other sections. Bhati started the reservation movement called Samajik Nyaya Manch in the 90s. In almost every district of Rajasthan, the rallies of the rallies of that period attracted the attention of political observers at the national level.


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