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BIG RJs Rakesh & Pragya Create Radio History

Complete 100 Hrs Challenge On Air and clock some more to spare.

Kolkata, (IndiaPRwire.com), Kolkata’s most popular RJ duo BIG Rakesh and Pragya had tears in their eyes as they completed the 100 hour marathon that they set out to achieve on September10, 2007at 5.00 pm urged by their loyal fans who regard them as bandwidths boss and challenged them to create radio history breaking all existing records. The duo have lived up to all expectations and urged by RJ Neelanjana are now determined to break all previous records and will continue for another 11 hours and more

BIG 92.7 FM had ensured all arrangements required like medical assistance, food, energy drinks, string of well wishers to ensure Rakesh and Pragya were in high spirits and also had a well chalked out programming plan to ensure the successful completion of the marathon. Friends, family, school kids, fans thronged the BIG 92.7 FM office throughout this record-breaking marathon. In fact all the visitors to the station were quite amazed at their level of enthusiasm even after clocking so many hours nonstop. People came to meet them, brought chocolates and flowers, savories and lovingly prepared ghar ka khana for their favourite RJ duo.

Speaking about their attempt, RJ Pragya said in a very emotional mood, “I am very excited at having been able to create radio history, but this experience made me actually realize the love that the people of Kolkata have for us. People, across ages came over to meet us, brought chocolates and flowers, savories and lovingly prepared ghar ka khana; they called us throughout the night, smsed constantly and kept us going.” RJ Rakesh added, “This experience has taught me a lot, patience, focus, how to concentrate with almost no sleep (laughs) and of course how much people love me. I thank everyone for their support.”

When asked about what they are looking forward to doing after they finish their record run –“Hitting the Pillow” they echoed in unison.

Speaking about Rakesh and Pragya’s record, Bodhayan Roychaudhury’, Station Head, BIG 92.7 FM, Kolkata said, “We are very proud of Rakesh and Pragya for breaking all radio records, It was a Herculean task and we did our best at keeping them company, but it was their determination and focus along with the tremendous love from people that kept them going. Of course none of this would have been possible without the tremendous support from listeners, who kept the calls pouring in and also the wishes. Rakesh and Pragya have achieved many laurels in their illustrious career but this is one record that they will cherish for the rest of their lives as it truly reflects their immense passion for Radio and proves once again that they have no challengers for the top spot.”

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