Sunday, 18 August 2019
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Blue Dart strengthens North-South connect

Increases capacity on Chennai-Delhi-Chennai air route; Plans to induct another B757 by the end of the year

Blue Dart strengthens North-South connectMumbai, ( Blue Dart Express Limited, South Asia’s leading air express and courier Distribution Company, today announced the augmentation of capacity on the North-South air route to meet increasing customer demand. Blue Dart now operates on 62 routes to the seven major airports every night using its fleet of 4 B737s and 2 B757s.

"The additional capacity on the Chennai-Delhi route is another step in our continuous effort to consolidate our national network," said Anil Khanna, Managing Director. “Our air capacity has now expanded to a payload of 300 tonnes via this route every night. Both the regions are strategically important to us and this initiative will help us satisfy the strong current and optimistic future demands from these regions.”

Since Delhi and Chennai each are the principal business and commercial center for northern and southern India respectively, a logistical link between these two cities will serve as a catalyst for growth in these areas.

“To cater to constantly changing customer demands, it is important for logistics firms to transform themselves from being product-focused organizations to service driven ones. Our attempt at providing businesses in the South and North of the country with a valuable choice for high-speed and reliable deliveries is a move towards that transformation,” added Mr. Khanna. Blue Dart also plans to further strengthen its fleet by adding another B757 later this year.

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