Friday, 23 August 2019
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Tourists visiting Varanasi least worried by terrorism

Varanasi, Sep.18 (ANI): Though there is concern and outrage across the country against terrorism, foreign tourists arriving in Varanasi are not perturbed by terror incidents.

A growing number of foreign tourists are of the view that terrorism related incidents keep happening in different parts of the world, irrespective of country or city.

"It's not for the first time that I am coming to Varanasi. I love this place. This place is scenic and beautiful, it gives solace to your mind and body, and I am fascinated with this place. I am not at all bothered about this terror attack. I hail from northern Spain and this kind of attacks happen there too," said Yeshga, a Spanish tourist.

Tourists here contend that they are more interested in enjoying their holidays in memorable places like Varanasi and are not worried about terrorism.

"Tourists mostly start coming to India from September 15 and they stay here till April. They are not bothered about terrorist attacks, as these things don't bother them. They come here to enjoy and they are least concerned about any such attacks," said Anil Singh, a tourist guide.

"Majority of Spaniards visit Varanasi, and they are very bold people. They think that such incidents can happen anywhere in this world," said Shiva, another tourist guide.

It's said that one who hasn't watched the beauty of dawn and dusk in Varanasi, has surely missed something actually wonderful.

Varanasi is one of the most important pilgrimage places in India where the Kashi Vishwanath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva attracts devotees from all over India and abroad too.

This city on the banks of River Ganges, also known as Benaras, is famous for its numerous Ghats (riverbanks). Tourists have always felt drawn to Varanasi, as they believe it offers eternal happiness and salvation. By Girish Kumar Dubey (ANI)

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