Monday, 27 September 2021 : Local To Global News

Bad gets favour

If you want to be apple of the public’s eye you will need the favour of it .But to get all’s favor that’s the hardest thing to do, you can’t get it in free of cost you will have to pay something big like Shiney. Yes Shiney paid a lot to get new offers for    movies. And our so called sympathy full mess is keenly waiting for the time when Shiney will again be appear on screen after becoming popular in each and every home, who mind in what way. Right ?

I sprang on my chair when I listened on the TV from a director that “I m going to sign Shiney for my next film”. It forced me to remind the saying “No gain without pain” Doesn’t matter what you did and what you get.

BollywoodThe world is a vast place of illusion. Really it has become old fantasy that- if you “Do best, Get best” now the time has changed we are living in 21st century, Do anything ( worse, worst)u can turn your result in your desired way.

The worse you become the more your profile goes up .Our bollywood is ever ready for you it will never punish you, even always support you, no matter you are member of it or not if you are member of it then it its ok, if you aren't its also not a big problem it will adopt you after your scandal.

Bollywood converts in to 'Big from Bechara" and ready to buy and sell your story. And yes don't feel sorry for Shiney's maid, she is offered to buy her story by realty lover directors. Now she is not “BECHARI”.

The funniest part of Shiney’s story that no one is in lose Shiney is getting more popular, Anupama is getting richer, and The maid is getting place in page 3.

So friends don’t get nervous if you do something dirty, forget our ALMIGHTY forget your SOUL. APNA BOLLYWOOD HAI NA., tinsel town is ever ready for giving you name and fame.

And yes don’t fear if you get caught because jail is also your supportive, it has become the very first platform for your growing graph,  yes take a look on Fulan Devi, Sanjay Dutt, Salmaan Khan etc...

At the end CONGRATULATIONS Shiney’s viewer your shiney now has become more shiney.

-- Advocate Mamta Kalla