Friday, 24 September 2021 : Local To Global News

Being HUMAN, Being a WOMEN

My small little brain starts thinking from the heart, when the word "WOMEN" strikes my cerebrum. In ancient English women was addressed as "wifmon" which means [with man] as if, she had no identity of her own. Up to 1000 A.D there was no separate personal pronoun in English that referred to a women . She was addressed as "heo" from masculine "he" . Now in efflorescent world no doubt women are getting better opportunities to portray what they are and, have been capable of achieving. In fact they are doing much better than men in various spheres  of life. They are looked as effigy of  liveliness, kindness and, zeal. But, the question is have Women ever asked the male chauvinist society to worship them as deity? Or asked for a dais for the care n affection she is embed with? WHY?  is that only She is questioned when not doing the chores ? Or when she wanders in dark lanes of life,  In which even men can and,  in fact ARE wandering?  Albeit Women are ABLE, STRONG AND, have INDIVIDUAL INSTINCT why is it that she has to face the endless questions of the Marathoning  World? The article 14 of the INDIAN constitution is not all what she requires in life. Sometimes she seeks for more FREEDOM, PEACE, ELBOW ROOMS and, THE  SKY of her own to paint her IMAGINATION .And, yeah she longs to learn from her own mistakes ..far from the stereotypic world.Let the WOMEN BE WHAT SHE IS. Let her search HER EL-DORANDO in her own WAYS. DO CRITICIZE AND, QUESTION BUT, EVIL AND, HUMANITY not "WOMANHOOD" :)