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Boost your power with summer diet

Writer - Adv. Mamta Kalla

The low level of energy is a daily affair in summer. But nothing is there that doesn’t have home remedies; yes some home remedies can increase your energy level by adopting some changes in your routine diet.

In this scorching time we see lots of physical problems that take place in human body in summer, like low energy, headache, and vomiting and slowdown body.

Morning WalkWalk according weather- now it s a time to have lots of cool drinks and cool air. if you take some balanced nutrient element then you won’t need glucose in after each hour.


Just follow some tips -

FruitHave fruits and green vegetable only-Power diet can increase the level of disease resistance .Summer requires more cool foods in other words it needs super food of different colors. It also gives us power to face anti oxidants.


FruitCatch some fruit juice – add some fruits like orange, graps, and water-melon. These will give you super power and full quantity of vitamin C or fiber and will also increase yore disease resistance.


BreakfastHealthy breakfast - Have fistful dry food in breakfast it ‘ll give you the best protein& vasa and fiber .u can also include Sprouted food, fruits ,milk , Daliya , Mattha , Cornflakes , oatmeal , and vegetable - utapam  and can also take idly - sambhar. Child can be given fruit custard, it will be tasty along with fruitful.


LunchBalanced Lunch - You should take very balanced diet in yore lunch because this diet is more important... You take chapatti daal green vegetable and curd this’ll be helpful for decrease cholesterol heart disease,, and fatness.


DinnerLight dinner - All diet experts suggest very light food in dinner you can take soup, khicdi chapatti, salad, rice, fruit salad and milk.


You just follow above mentioned diet list and you will get safe in scorching summer you will get freshness all the time in a day or  less tiredness and will get lots of energy .The most important thing is you should add more liquid in your daily routine and drink more and more water. Have lots of juice fruits and avoid healthy and oily food .and feel positive all the time in the day. It will give you more energy…Stay healthy

Adv. Mamta kalla