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Fall in Love with yourself

Love yourself enough to take the actions required for your happiness… Love yourself enough to cut yourself loose from the ties of the drama-filled past… Love yourself enough to move on!” 

Steve Maraboli

We all grew up with listening, that it sounds good and more valid more valuable if “love” and “approval” come from others, We have made this actual, by adopting this in our daily life, we need others approval in every step of our life. Someone else is leading our life than us horrible....

Love Yourself and Leave Life betterMy question is very small here why we use other’s brain whereas we have our own. Isn't this Dependency killing our success? Friends if you are living your life by someone else’s brain, just have a new experiment and use your own ideas for your life surly by doing this you will breath more confidently. Most of the time we have loads of ideas to step ahead in life but we don’t, just because we have others in our mind we give more attention to their ideas than ours.

I have seen so many  in my surrounding, they may not counting in celebrity figure of ore city or country (because they have spend their life in waiting for approval of others) but in my eyes they are hero they have inspired my life just because I know them personally . When I think of them the though comes in my mind  that they can also design loads of life if they would be popular , I say them a lot please share your knowledge with word and their usual answer make my mind work unusually.

A friend of mine so intelligent, topper in throughout  her study period, mean to say capable enough to lead her life in her own way but she is not allowed by her ....blah blah blah.....I have seen so many  talent in my known world, even you people have also seen loads of capable persons  in your circle, you also know why some are success why some are not ... but in true sense if we give the words to their stories some are success because they loved themselves and some are not  because they were waiting for others to love them ..

Friends hope you have understand my above mentioned is only wants to say to you that start your day with love , love to yourself  remind yourself of your worthiness , here I am giving some positive notions that will boost you to love yourself ..

Start small but start...
Activate yourself in enhancing your personal development, spend your time in learning, and your one step of it will enough to proceed forward in life.

Start your day believing that you have limitless opportunities to grow, the only need is to take action so that you can design your life beautifully.

This is the universal truth that whatever you give or do it comes back to you, so do good work finally good thing in good shape will come to you.

Thrust in yourself go ahead with spirituality it will less your bother in taking decision what to do or what not to do .

Don’t waste your time in thinking or desiring that people, plans, event should be in your style than they are exiting in your life, the truth is we are different from our soul’s intention.

Sometime we need to change the technology of spending our day, spend your most of the time on the things that makes you feel that you are alive.

Never participate in self abusing activity by desiring others approval for each your action. Don’t look for advice all the time it would be better to take your own action for own life it’s your business not theirs.

In the last, the motto of my saying is make your own choices and go with them. Let go the idea of judging people anytime it’s just a waste of this beautiful life. To judge or to be judged both ideas are suitable for them who really have nothing interesting in their own life.

so my dear friends if you any time need approval’s or advice  of someone else to love yourself than you urgently need to change the script with one action that breath in love breath out love .
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