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Fish and guests smell in three days

Atithi Devo Bhav! –Atithi Ji Kab Jaoge?

Today’s Movies tell new born  problems of today’s youth movies like Wake up Sid, Rocket Singh, and newly released ATHITHI TUM KAB JAOGE it’s really a fantastic movie and a very best example of the famous saying fish and Guest smell in three days. It is said a hit movie, its story is that Ajay and konkona have a nuclear family with their little lad. The little boy wants an Athiti in the house that’s why the parents welcome Paresh Rawal as a guest ( Athiti )who came from village. Now problems upon problems take place in their house because of the guest. Athiti’s all typical habits create lots of difficulties in their routine life .But the couple still treats him with hospitality. The thinking behind it that he is just guest and will go back to his place very soon  he will stay maximum 15 days like Lord Ganesha stays  only eight or nine days as Ma durga stays 9 days .But Athiti turned foe because he never think that he should go.

I enjoyed this movie, but still forceless to find the reply of my question that why did I like this? Because of story that pinch me or because of comedy that easily succeeded in slapping to common men who doesn’t think more of staying at other’s house. It’s not a strange thing in 21st century that married couple love to have nuclear family and when guests come to them they feel it just like hammer on their head. In today’s restless life everybody needs time to have rest in their vacant time and when it is snatched by anyone they just lose their temper and outcome is breaking relationship.

Really its not light weighted to say that who is right in today’s time “A Guest or A Host?” .but if we give some time to this question then always guest has heavier side .We live fatigue filled life for we want to make name & fame in the world of luxury .we spend our whole life to get big title but as usual human being always runs behind the biggest pleasure and gives death to his little pleasure. We are loosing our true happiness that only and only can get through our elder’s blessings. No body can bless you in this artificial world of name fame except your known person.

Although it is too hard to bear relatives interfere in our life but life is all about compromise. No one likes to be host everybody likes to be guest .and it is also universal truth that guests smell in three days,because they give only blessing in return of whatever we do for them .And it is not required in today’s life youth are more particle today they don’t need remote result, instant result is needed by anyone .they think their freedom is snatched by the person  who comes in their life and house... In fact in today’s time man wants to live alone in crowd.

Friends don’t buy freedom in the cost of lots of bless full moments. The real happiness isn’t about rich it is about the journey that we ought to spend with our people. The real key of happiness is love, blessing and all the things that are given from a true heart. The family is a haven in a heartless world.

Adv. Mamta Kalla