Sunday, 26 September 2021 : Local To Global News

One day celebration

Yester day in my surrounding I saw almost were busy form starting of the day. Some were ready to take early bath, some were ready to go for purchase sweets garland and coconut or batashe for their “Guru” and huge gathering could be seen at every mutts and ashrams. When reason was asked to them, I got reply today is “GURUPURNIMA”. 

Every one offered his respect  on the occasion of “GURU PURNIMA” but it was very hard for me to give at least a call to my guru, really its very hard for me to celebrate one day celebration, I was suggested by my well-wishers that I should pay  attention to my Guru who made me comfortable  with this world, but I couldn’t do it, my conscience always stop me to take pleasant experience of one day celebration like -Father day, mother day, teacher day, valentine day, friendship day andf blah blah blah….

It became hard for me because I was caught by my old fantasy that what my “GURU” will think about me if I remember him on the one particular day or on that special day when he is too busy with some prominent people. It may be wrong or right but these views bound me.

I am happy that all people are not my type. They enjoy one day celebration they can keep their “GURU” (teacher) happy at least for a day it’s another matter if they can’t remember them for a whole year. On the day of “GURU PURNIMA” all gurus got their devotees warm hearted and ready for doing anything for him every one wanted to show himself that he is the best, and wanted to be loved by his guru.

It is said “The rewards of patients are sweet” gurus get respect at least one day in each year, we go to our guru to take  his one glance but on that particular day our all efforts go in vain because on that day guru really become God in the true sense for, as you know we have to be a part of long queue to get one glance of God .depends how much money you devote to take Darsan, Modern guru hasn’t time for every devotees because he is not only guru he’s  management guru just learn from them how to manage life

I may not be fully right but m just telling my neighbor’s experience  who went with full of zeal to take one glance oh his guru and came with very little face that he didn’t find any chance to take his guru or didn’t get his guru hands on his head.. But its not his guru’s fault it was my neighbor’s fault   he went with only coconut or batashe for his guru. After all you must give something big at least one day in year.

Friends if u wanna really pay your devotion to your Guru don’t wait for one particular day don’t make your feeling servant of one day, and celebrate your guru purnima that day when you become able to spread your guru name from your town to world.

-- Advocate Mamta Kalla