Monday, 27 September 2021 : Local To Global News

Our Food Corporation store grain in a bag with a big hole

Some things never change like poor’s condition in India, whether it is democracy or republic but the condition of poor has never changed. Hear I mean them , thousands of people whose hard earned is rotten by government’s negligence.   Where the poor in our country are forced to sleep empty stomach by rising prising day by day of food, there the valuable grain is rotting like a litter lying on the road. , rot of grain is the result of unnecessary hoarding of grain by government that will cost the country around Rs 17,000 crore rupees. 
In the starting days of monsoon we happened to see huge loss of grain that is rotting day by day just like a litter.  the government is giving reason of this that they had no sufficient place to store the grain. How funny it is, how they could think that it would be better to drain the grain instead of feeding millions of poor people. Ultimately Supreme Court had to say that if government didn’t have sufficient place to store then it should have been distributed to the poor.
May our country have earned the place in the list of progressive countries, but what the success truly is? Thousands of people in our country who sacrifice their whole life for earning the two times bread to their family, and some of them think themselves lucky if they fulfil the basic requirements of their family. They can barely earn bread even they compromise with all their dreams.
It is very unfortunate that the people who are shedding their sweat day and night to grow the grain, are feeling very helpless when they see such a bad condition of the grain that is rotting like a litter just because of negligence of some handful people in our food corporation.
May we are counting in progressive countries but still we are not in the situation where we can bear this huge loss of grain. In our country where Hungry and unassisted people have been dying of starvation. This negligence of our food ministry is just like our Hindi movies seen where a dog get better food then a man.
This is a very crappy condition created by our ministers who might not understand the value of grain, because they never face crisis of grain. Poverty and crisis of grain is only for the poor. It is fully negligence to drain the grain like this. This grain could make the poor tension free for two months by providing them grain in free of cost.
Hording and Inflation are the two biggest enemy of human, even in today’s time  man feel unable to  stand straight because  every time there is hammer of  rising prising lying  on his back. A song “Shakhi piya to kamaat bahut hai mehgaai dayan sab kaat jaat hai” from Amir’s production movie “PEPLI LIVE” is very relevant in present time.
What one can do to remove this corruption, whenever effected crowd protest, they get in reply either false assurance or ignorance. It seems very true that principles are made for books only to write in, whether it is anything like principle of democracy which tells that there is no discrimination in human. Or whether it is principal of economy that tells   the difference between demand and supply determines prices, bitter but true all principles for have made for only common man not for ministers.
Hoarding is itself a crime. Store grain and then sell it in double prise it’s a bigger crime to all humanity. The worst is rotting the grain.
It is very unbearable condition for them who grow the grain by doing work hard in scorching heat.
But all is well for our ministers they  never get any punishment, neither from court nor from public. After few days this carelessness will be forgotten .And after some time it may repeat by them again. for they never have to face starving ,they never have to go in scorching heat , they never happen to see their family sleeping empty stomach. But yes our so cold ministers do each and every effort to remove the poor sorry I mean to poverty.