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Entrence of the Janpath Marketing where Rajasthan as a state is famous for its rich culture, valour and sights. But , imagine a "little Rajasthan" tucked away in the heart of Delhi - the bustling capital city of India !!

 Yes, its true ! Nestled in the busy area of Janpath, is the famous Rajasthan lane. Originally called the Janpath lane, it is now more famous by its colloquial name. Here, one can see and buy all possible artifacts, clothes, jewellery, bedspeads and trinkets from Rajasthan. This place is a huge hit and a "must-see" with the foreign tourists especially. Lot of foreign crowd from the nearby five star hotels shop here. Plus,  Local buyers also flock to this lane to get ethnic Rajasthani goods at affordable prices.Buyers making their purchases

Surprisingly, the presence of the  National crafts museum and state emporiums nearby has not lessened the popularity of this place. Inspite of them, maximum people visiting Janpath definitely come to buy stuff from the Rajasthan lane. The main reasons being that here one can get good quality stuff at affordable prices compared to the emporiums. 


Colourful display of mirrorwork bedspreads



As you enter the lane, you are struck by a riot of vivid bright colours, shining mirrorwork, glistening jewellery  all displayed so beautifully to attract and beckon the buyers. On one hand, where you can pick up stylish mirrorwork belts for as low as seventy rupees, on the other hand, carvings and artifacts prices run into thousands. So, irrespective of your budget, you can shop and get a piece of Rajasthan in your home. College goers tend to go in for the rajasthani jholas , bags while foreign tourists love to purchase belts, stylish dresses, footwear and artifacts. Apart from the fixed shops, there are a number of stalls spread on the street side. Needless to say, bargaining is all prevalent.

Attractive Rajasthan Artistic work done on jholas and dresses


The goods sold here on the Janpath lane are a curious and beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. They reflect and display the rich cultural heritage of the state of Rajasthan in the national capital city of Delhi.