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Women Reservation - Kitchen to Parliament

Writer - Adv. Mamta KallaThe Central government on Friday took one more step forward in the Constitution amendment that would, if passed, bring in 33 per cent reservation for women in the Lok Sabha and the State Assemblies.

As usual it has been always a tough task for men to make a safe place for women in the each and every walk of life except home. Today it is the most wanted answer for men that “should women deserve to get reservation or not? This question is humming in their mind like bee in flower, again and again the question attack them that what will happen if women will take seat with them in assembly .But just think what is good if women are not there. If my words don’t go wrong we can say Good for nothing .Even Meera Kumar arrival in parliament is far better then a men that her impact can be seen in parliament. All men from different walks, are keep asking the question to their heart and mind what will happen if women get reservation in parliament?

Women Bill in ParliamentNow days we can see this current issue in headline of almost all newspapers about disorganize in parliament (Rajaya Sabha) all Neta’s eyebrows were raise when women get pass the reservation bill.

Lots of MLAs who consider themselves SAMAJVADI NETA say that they have no problem with women reservation and they add” but the women shouldn’t be come here who keep herself busy with Lipstick, kajal, Bindi and ornaments. Because they will unable to take interest in the problems of common people. Wow such a nice objection, isn’t it? It really needs clapping .Just tell me where all the doubts go when we talk about mail entry in Rajaya Shbha. Why they don’t make any boundary for men when they try hard to make entry for their father brother, sun, etc?

Leave all this it’s a celebration time for women they have won and have got pass bill of reservation.. No matter how much time men say anything unfair about women or how much time they repeat the line that “women will take the path that has shown by her husband or she will do whatever her husband will say” .ok no problem at least men have to consider women position in his life it’s itself a achievement of women.

In fact men go against it for they don’t want women on chair they want women in the kitchen only.

As the bills critics say the legislation, which was first introduced 14 years ago but has been consistently blocked, will be passed at the expense of other minority groups such as Muslims or lower castes. They argue it will be beneficial for the women who already in privileged classes. Actually it is not a matter of minority class, these all opposition is just because they afraid of women’s entry in the parliaments.

I think men should leave this matter to women that do the women want reservation or not if yes then how much. . The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.

Adv. Mamta kalla