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Women are the real architects of society

Special on Womens Day - 8th March

Writer - Adv. Mamta KallaIn the 21st century almost all celebrate 8th March that is called “WOMEN’S DAY” on this day the whole world celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women’s past, present and future. Really it is itself a women’s achievement. I am thank full to all them who donate at least one day to women ,because rest of the days are for men. That’s why there is no man’s day.  Today in India it is celebrating where off course women are always worshiped but in the name of freedom it has a quite little heart.

  I know u might think it is funny that in today’s time women have no freedom ,yes it is ,may be in  some metro cities of India women condition is far better then the women of smaller area. I myself happened to see lots of instances that really hurt me a lot and I think how huge hurt women have how strong she is.

  Being a woman I would like to share some feminine feeling with all of you, One day  I was asked a question by a man who is very bold and well establish in his field that ‘WHY DON’T WOMEN  FEEL INFIRIOR WHEN SHE NEED OTHER’S PERMISSION ?”Immediately I replied  “No we don’t in fact we feel proud”. I still don’t know was my answer true or not.

  Throughout the ages, we have accepted the values of our society .we just do what ever our society expects from us. In general terms it has become a women tendency that whole life we just walk on the way that has made by our society. In each and every part of the life we naturally behave according to societies’ value. In every part of life we adopt social norms like -how to eat, how to sleep, how to worship, where to marry, where to go, where not to, what to eat, what to talk. Means every thing and in each and every walk of life we accept societies rules and values weather we like them or not..  But why?  Just because of social bond.


 So many times I throw this Why to my parents and every older who always suggest me to be social. I also keep asking this question to society’s prominent people and all the time I got one and only answer that is Social woman is considered like goddess and to get this highest title they play with there lives.


 Years were passing, I also acknowledge it. After getting maturity I also wanted to get this title and I also started to take my decision according to our so- cold society’s norms and values. It had built a huge home not only in my mind but also in my blood. When I was not much mature society was my bigger guardian then my parents. I did everything that my society allowed me and I didn’t do anything that is beyond to society. No matter do I like it or not.

The way of my bringing up, my education, my lifestyle style, my wedding every thing happened according to my society because women have strong bond with society, sorry women have to keep strong bond with society.  Not only I, millions women have been living their lives according to social values just because they hope justice from society when they need it.

Unfortunately all in vain, poor women always hope positive from society. We grew up with killing our likes and dislikes for our society .As I am gaining age, time is forcing me to see some unfair things, then my short temper shout madly  “where is society?” so much unfair and dirty things take place in our around and surround and we just see them helplessly .


 I admit, professionally women have touched the highest level but still she is smaller then man when matter come to society. I was about to burst out in tears when  I think about a lady who is suffering from social dip ration .She wants to do fierce opposition but she can’t .Because society keeps  expectation from only women not from men.


 I am going to tell you about a lady who is today paying the cost of to be social may be it will help you to understand how strong bond women have with society.

I know her from the years; her husband is living with his girlfriend without giving her divorce. You can imagine How painful  it is for her when she sees her husband with another woman, but this pain is only for her, for society it is just a case of gossip and entertainment .poor wife whole life did her best for her husband and got the worse response from the husband. How shocking, but more shocking is society's response when it  says that “the girlfriend has better luck then the wife “now the husband is earning more money then the time when he was with his wife. If it is not bad enough- the most shocking event is, the illegal couple is praised day by day by society! Obviously “Maal hai to Taal hai” .We believe or not but in real we are slaves of money & luxuries not of values.

Don’t worry my friend after bear all this, not only this women but also thousand of women who are suffering from this dipration but still they haven’t left the society's hand she is still doing best for  society then men.
Friends please don’t be blind for money ,luxuries  or name& fame .Just open your mind and mouth against unfair things that take place in your around.

  I  salute for all the women who are playing social role which is the hardest role to play. And yes nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.

-- Adv. Mamta Kalla