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23 child labourers from garment units in New Delhi

Bachpan Bachao Andolan activists conducted raids at 5 different units along administration and police

New Delhi: a complaint from Bachpan Bachao Andolan, 23 child labourers were rescued from garments & purse manufacturing units in Nabi Karim, New Delhi. Local area SDM, Labour department and police officials along with BBA activists conducted raids at 5 different units related to garments & purse manufacturing. This rescue operation resulted in the arrest of 8 traffickers and employers by the police.

In yet another incident of exploitation of children where children were trafficking for forced labour, these rescued children, all boys between 7-15 years of age, revealed that they were made to work in  deplorable conditions for 18 hours a day at a stretch for wages as little as Rs 100 per week .  

a seven years old child has not heard from his parents since he was trafficked from Kishanganj three months back. He said I brought to Delhi in the name of education and better livelihood opportunities. I was told that in Delhi I will go to school plus I will learn the art of purse making. But here I was made to work for 18 hours a day in the name of training”. most of the child labour have the same story .

Most of the rescued children were trafficked to New Delhi from districts like Motihari, Kishanganj, Darbhanga from Bihar and Rotat district in Nepal. Investigations are underway to verify the addresses given by these rescued children to the police.

Mr. R. S. Chaurasia, chairperson, BBA said “It is a matter of common knowledge that there is huge influx of child labour in Nabi Karim area. In the past three years BBA has rescued 347 children from this locality. Every year many children are trafficked to Delhi at the cost of their childhood, education and basic human rights. Now with Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 in place, the police must take action under stringent laws like Section 370 against those involved in trafficking and slavery”.    


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