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People are facing scarcity of water

Bikaner -In the largest hospital of Bikaner division patient and their families are facing the scarcity of cold water even in these days of extreme heat. Most of the water points of hospital are closed. People have to move here and there for water. At the hospital many donors give the money in order to service but after construction they don't care the mater.
Hospital administration ignores the mater by telling lack of facilities. And donors forget the mater after construction. More then a thousand patient and their families move in the hospital par day.

Every one needs cold water at this extreme heat but they can’t in the hospital campus. There are 14 water point but 11 of them are closed.
  Surprisingly even   the  extreme heat has failed to get the hospital administration attention to open the water points again .even some water points have permanently closed but new one hasn't open yet .

People can drink water at the day time during outdoor at the shop of outside area but at the night time admitted patient to the ward and their families don't get drinking water.

Water point of hospital campus near the wholesale shops is the oldest one. But that has been closed for two months and it took millions of rupees. Chetek took the responsibility of take care but work is not happening in the right way.

Even the situation is that in the shop's fridge one can find more water boatels then medicine .That is used by customer them shopkeepers.


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