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Diwali in Snaps of Tourists

Foreign tourists are feeling excessive joy and heartily want to celebrate this festive culture of Bikaner

Bikaner, As diwali is coming near, foreign tourists are feeling excessive joy and heartily want to celebrate this festive culture of Bikaner. Foreigner tourists say that they are very lucky to see captivating Diwali and think to be part of this. These days such tourists are coming to see Desert Zone of India where lots of tourism spots delight and attract them. 

In Bikaner, Tourists are coming from several nations and getting immemorable things which are being captured by their camera and eyes. After coming in third city of desert triangle tourists find out such an exciting place that compels them to rock whenever they watch its beauty.  Because of vacation or leave in Bengal tourists are targeting to come here and say it fascinating invitation or whatever providing satisfaction to them. According to estimation of the sources it is being told that these days about 1000-1200 tourists are coming here in Bikaner. 
These foreign tourists are continuously being invited because of its astonishing Diwali festival which is too exciting among them. A tourist Jenni told the reporter that having seen attraction of Diwali I have extended my programme for two days to go home. 
For celebrating Diwali this year tourists will show their huge presence and also be acquainted with wondrous attraction made be astonishing house decoration and fireworks. Obviously all the tourists’ spots are embellished in such stylish ways that fascinate them most. 
When we talk about Diwali in Rajasthan lots of foreign tourists would like to celebrate in cites like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur and other places. Of course, celebrating Diwali with locals will fill a distinct type of romance in your heart and mind. 
As a tourism destination Rajasthan has been generally visited by national and foreigner tourists. In this state sandy dune, palaces, havelis, lakes and other attraction sites always call to people to come and enjoy its natural and cultural beauty. 
However, there are lots of tourism spots are in this state in which name of Bikaner also too much significance in tour and travel point of view. This place offers you so many options for enjoying yourself like sandy dunes, forts, havelis, temples, fairs and camel safari.


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