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Enthralling Camel Safari on sandy dunes

Bikane Tourism Department announces special bus on Saturday to Ladera for camel safari sandy dunes adventure for tourism promotion in Bikaner

Bikaner, These days tourists are coming Bikaner from all parts of world and passionately enjoying most captivating tourism spots that spread all around of this beautiful city. From tourism points of view this city is really fascinating that mesmerizes the tourists especially for its sandy dunes. But due to poor conveyance these sandy dunes remained far from tourist’s eyes and they can’t realize its excellent and bewitching beauty. 

Keeping such thing in mind tourism department has started to pay attention towards this and took decision to run a bus service on every Saturday. This bus would be driven to Ladera village situated at dunes. Till now this kind of bus service was not available for the tourists. On every Saturday the bus will run from Hotel Dhola Maru on 3.00 PM and would come back till 8.00 PM. The fare of this traveling is 120 rupees per tourist and fare of children age from 3-12 years would be charged 60 rupees. Today the District Magistrate Dr. Prithviraj will depart the bus by signaling green flag.  

It is expected that this bus service would bring new change and now tourist can watch captivating sandy dunes of Bikaner. The Deputy Director of Tourism Department Mr. Hanuman Lal Arya told that on these sandy dunes cultural programs would also be held and local artists will present own art to please tourists. In addition tourist can enjoy camel safari, horse safari and also can walk on the dunes. The charge of horse and camel safari would be given additionally. 

This step of tourism department definitely would drive this place at the level of Jaisalmer and Ladera village will also exist in a new tourism spot. It will also bring new possibilities in generating employment for artists and other person also. The tourism traders are being told to tell about the sandy dunes of Ladera from tourists. 


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