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Behavior Modification' Center Starts at Vardan Hospital

Center will serve physical and mental problems cure assistance

Behavior Modification' Center Starts at Vardan Hospital

Bikaner, 20 September. Former Superintendent of PBM Hospital and Senior Professor of Infant and Child Department, Dr. PK Berwal and Pediatrician Dr. Narendra Pareek, Deputy Superintendent Traffic Police Anjum Kayal on Sunday at the Vardan Hospital and Research Center. Legal Officer Amit Kumar of Kayal, High Court, Jaipur and Speech and Behavior Therapist Dr. Hemant Kumar, Psychiatric Physician from Delhi and Dr. Siddharth Aswal, Head Doctor of the hospital, launched the 'Behavior Modification' Center from Ees Vandana. On this occasion, Delhi psychologist Dr.Tamanna, Dr.Yeshi Yadav, Sunil Kulhari, Senior Doctor, Dr. Vinod Aswal and Ear, Nose and Throat specialist Dr.Aviral Aswal etc. were present.

On the occasion of Inauguration of the "Behavior Modification" Center started at Vardan Hospital Dr. PK Berwal said that parents have special awareness towards children. This center opened in Bikaner with the help of expert doctors, to overcome the inability to read, remove the difficulty of speaking, understanding and knowing children, to develop physical and mental, to overcome the trouble of walking, to control extreme agility. Treatment will be done to increase and weaken the memory. The Department of Medical and Health of the Government of Rajasthan is working for the best treatment and development of children at its level. Due to increasing population and limited resources, private hospitals should work with the spirit of service and adopt a human approach in the treatment and development of children.

Dr. Shyam Agarwal Pediatrician Dr. Narinder Pareek of Child and Pediatric Disease Hospital said that due to the limited number of children presently, parents are alert for their health, education and all round development. Many children do not develop completely due to physical, mental and economic reasons. In this new center, physical and mental deficiencies of children will be removed. For this, the residents will no longer have to go out here, and specialist doctors will get facilities.

Dr. Siddhartha Aswal, a psychiatrist of the Vardan Hospital and Research Center, said that the children of Bikaner will be provided every physical and mental therapy by providing services to doctors from Delhi, Jaipur and other places of the country. Dr. Hemant Kumar of Delhi said that at present many problems are visible in the work, behavior and physical and mental development of children. These problems in children become very complicated and cause problems when they grow up on timely treatment. Only on getting the children treated on time, they will be able to serve the family, society and country by becoming healthier, better teenagers and youth. Children will be treated for delayed speaking, learning and for their complete personality and physical development. Due to deficiencies, children living on suffocated lives will get new life and their parents will get a lot of relief.


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